Get fundraising

With your help we have raised a staggering £307,581 so far this year for all other charities and good causes that the LCCC Foundation has helped! Every penny raised brings us one step closer to achieving our goals. We need your help to fundraise, see below to look at how you can.

Our packs are full of ideas, tips and tools to help you get fundraising. If you’re stumped there are plenty of ideas to choose from that are safe and fun.

We are challenging individuals and companies to raise £1,000 during the course of a year to support the LCCC Foundation’s work in the community.

There are many ways you can become involved from choosing us as your charity of the year to becoming the main sponsor of one of our events and programmes.

LCCC Foundation relies on fundraising activities to support the delivery of its projects, programmes and events. Find out the difference you’re money makes.

Fundraising events

We have a range of special events you can choose to support, from our annual Gala Dinner, incorporating the LCCC Player of the Year Awards, to our very festive Christmas Ladies Lunch, held in the stunning historic LCCC Members Suite.