Corporate Fundraising

The LCCC Foundation works with a range of corporate partners delivering clear business benefits for them. From raising money, to raising awareness, corporate partnerships are vital to helping us make a difference to children, women and girls, young and disabled people in our community. To find out more about working with us get in touch.

Payroll Giving

An easy way to donate is to 'give as you earn'. Ask your employees to give a regular donation each month to help us, which is also a simple and tax efficient way to contribute.

Payroll Giving is a way for your employees to make regular payments to The LCCC Foundation directly from their pay. People who receive their company/personal pension through PAYE (Pay as You Earn) can participate too.

Payments that your employees make through a Payroll Giving Scheme are deducted from their pay before tax is deducted. This means that employees are given tax relief on their donation immediately - and at their highest rate of tax.

It's easy to set up a Payroll Giving Scheme for your business. There's little in the way of cost and administration, and you'll probably be able to adapt your existing payroll system to operate the scheme.

Contact us

If you would like to work with us to positively develop and support work then fill out the enquiry form below.